Bread of Heaven

One of the best things about eating tinned tomato soup when I was a child was ripping up the slice of soft doughy white bread that inevitably came with it and adding the pieces en-mass to the bowl. The resultant stodgy, doughy, tomatoey goo was, to my mind, heavenly. Imagine how happy I was to leaf through my River Cafe cookbook to find that those lovely Italians, masters of the tomato/carb combo, had invented a grown-up version of my childhood delight. Continue reading


Too Many Chefs


Image by henry… via Flickr


My friend was recently treated to a very swanky meal cooked by two Michelin starred chefs. The courses were all stunning, blowing her mind with amazing combinations of texture and flavour. Whoever thought that you could create such a thing as porkpie flavoured sauce? Or that salmon could make such a tasty ice cream? There they were on her plate bringing the instant flavour hits as soon as they touched her tongue. She felt as though she had entered Willy Wonker’s fabulous world of pure imagination. As course after course was expertly placed in front of her, her admiration for the two chefs, like her waist line, just grew and grew. Continue reading