What do you hope your kids will say about you when grown up?

Emails from the future…

Hi Zara,

Hi lil’ sis! How’s it going? Just sending this email whilst I’m thinking about Mum and Dad’s anniversary next month. Do you realise they will have been married for thirty years? So I was thinking it would be nice to do something special with them. What do you think? Any ideas? They are so busy still it’s hard to think what we could do that would be special.

Anyways give it some thought and get back to me.

Jack xx

P.S. Hennah and the kids say hi to you both!

Hey there Jack,

Good idea!! I’d forgotten it would be thirty years so well done you for remembering! When I think about all that has happened in those years it seems staggering they’ve made it so far! I think whatever we do it should include the twins. You know how Mum dotes on your kids! It would be fun to go away with them somewhere wouldn’t it?  I know that we see them all the time anyway, but there’s nothing like a big family get-together somewhere – what do you think? I’m thinking somewhere like Florence because that was the one place we never got to go to on the ‘Great Italian Tour’ do you remember that holiday? Good times eh? Just the four of us in that cramped van should have been a recipe for disaster but it was fun from start to end. We didn’t even mind when the van broke down did we? Remember cooking that rabbit on the make-shift campfire and the poliziotti trying to arrest Dad? Hahah! I’m actually laughing out loud thinking of it!

When are they due back from their travels around South Africa? Will there be enough time to arrange it I wonder?

Well what do you think?

Give Noah and Joe a big hug from their Aunty Zara. Leroy says are you up for a bike ride at the weekend?

Lots of love



Tell Leroy he’s on! Sat a.m. any good? In fact don’t worry I’ll text him.

Love the idea of going away with them but I’m thinking they will probably want a bit of a rest after South Africa. What about a surprise party instead? I remember Mum moaning once (Mummy moan? Now there’s a surprise! LOL!!!)  that she’d never had a surprise party…

All my love

Jack xxxx


Yeah guess you’re right about Florence. May be a bridge to far even for our parents! Anyway we’ve got France in Easter and Glastonbury to look forward to with them haven’t we? I hope I still have the energy they do when I’m their age!

So a party sounds great. Can I politely suggest that it’s at yours as your house is massive and ours is tiny? We could get all of their friends over, and you could have a marquee! It will be great!

Oh yes, had you thought about a present? You see I think we might be able to give Mum the one thing she wants more than anything in the world… Can you guess what that is?

Hugs to you all


Hey, what are you on about? I showed your email to Hannah and she said the thing our Mum wants most in the world is another Grandchild.

She assures me she’s not pregnant… so are congratulations in order?

Jack xxx

P.S. Have already booked a marquee and a band to go in it!!!!

Hi Jack

Nosey!!!!! You’ll have to wait till the party! I’m not saying anything J

As for the band Uhhhhh- wouldn’t happen to be YOUR band would it? Heaven help us!!!!!

Can’t wait to see Mum and Dad’s faces though – they are gonna have a great time!

Love you all loads

Zara xxxxxxxxxxx


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