Does writing your thoughts in a blog encourage you to keep up the daily ritual of writing a diary more than, say, a fancy Moleskin book? Discuss. I don’t know. This is what I’m setting out to discover.
Today was the penultimate day of school and two days away from my residential school in bath.so once the kids were dropped off I started to pack. Experience has taught me that I am not a very good packer. My sister can pack the perfect capsule wardrobe for any holiday with just the right outfit for each occasion and not a sock more. She makes it look effortless. I on the other hand tend to start with the premise that we can never predict the future and, that being so, there is always a chance, outside or no, that I could possibly need every item of clothing in my wardrobe. Like a compulsive hoarder I feel a frisson of worry and doubt every time I have to let go of an item and leave it out of the suitcase.
Luckily this isn’t really a holiday so I’m a little more relaxed than I probably will be when we’re getting ready for Toulouse. But the one thing I’m not relaxed about is leaving the kids. A week is a long time to be away from them. The longest I’ve ever been away from them. Funny how my old life before them is so far and forgotten now.
Last day of fencing for the year but I think I’ll try to send and email to sword about our successes.

Thinking about recursion I remembered Michael Rosen’s poem ‘Are you the guy that told the guy that I’m the guy that gave the guy the black eye?’

I thank God for this most perfect day.


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